Northwest Wichita Water Treatment Plant

Seaton Construction has started construction on the Generator and Operations buildings at Northwest Wichita Water Facility. The Generator Building is a two-story structure where, in the event power is lost, back-up power is distributed from the generators to the rest of the facility. This building features a cast-in-place concrete basement and pre-cast beams, planks, wall panels, and double-tees make-up the main floor. The Operations Building houses the Control Room, where Operators will run the day-to-day activities of the facility, and Laboratory, where Lab Techs will analyze samples from nearly 30 different sample lines . Again, this is almost an entirely pre-cast structure. Seaton’s self-perform crew, which consists of Joe Goetz, Ramon Luna, Joshua Pagan, Ignacio (Junior) Rojas, David Velasquez, and Jose Avalos, will install all the cast-in-place concrete for these buildings. Expected completion for these two structures is Fall 2023.