Internship Goals & Opportunities

Interns will be given the opportunity to produce specific goals at the beginning of the internship and monitor those throughout the program.  Each internship assignment also provides a great opportunity of learning within those areas that will be a requirement upon the early years of construction professionals.

Accepting an internship with Seaton Construction Group will provide a good base of knowledge to assist you in construction after graduation and also the ability to excel within the latter semesters of your education.

Internship responsibilities include estimating and takeoff, field and office management, safety, quality control, and document control including change orders, RFI’s, submittals and contracts.

In addition to the office, interns will be exposed to construction within the field by attending project visits and being exposed to different construction sectors of the construction industry.

Upon completion of the internship, evaluations of those goals will help determine possibilities of full-time employment.



To apply for any of the above opportunities, please submit your resume and application letter here.




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